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About My Site

Jenn  is a gifted Psychic Medium as well as a Medical Intuitive, enhancing her Reiki Healings. She offers virtual and in-person psychic medium reading. She has always been connected to the spiritual world and has spent years developing her abilities to connect with spirits and loved ones from the other side. Jenn has studied with Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell and gained valuable knowledge through his teaching.

Jenn is also a Reiki Practitioner, Medical Intuitive  offering in-home sessions to help her clients find balance and healing in their lives. 

Through years of working in the healthcare system, the experiences she has been through have  enhanced her gifts in Reiki Healing paired with Medical Intuitive.


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Specializing in Psychic Medium Readings, Reiki Healing and More

Psychic Medium Reading

Jenn offers one on one, virtual and in-person psychic medium readings, as well as Group Readings, great for parties or small get togethers. She has a natural gift for connecting with spirits and loved ones from the other side and is passionate about helping her clients find comfort and healing through these connections.

Reiki  Practitioner  &
Medical Intuitive 

Jenn has been an energy healer for years, fine tuning her skills while while working in health care. Reiki Healing  promotes balance and relaxation in the body, mind and spirit, while Medical Intuitive allows Jenn to use her intuitive abilities to find cause of emotion or physical aliments.
Jenn’s gentle touch and intuitive abilities make her a skilled and compassionate healer.

Animal Communicator

Jenn is a  unique medium that connects you with animals, both living and passed away. Her compassionate and intuitive approach allows her to communicate with your beloved pets, providing you with comfort, closure, and a deeper understanding of their needs and feelings. Animals are family, and they too are bonded to you, just as you are to them.

Death Doula

Through active listening, gentle communication, and personalized rituals, Jenn assists in navigating the emotional challenges, providing companionship, and facilitating meaningful conversations. Her services may include assistance with end-of-life planning, legacy work, vigil support, and grief counseling, ensuring that individuals and their families find solace and empowerment during this delicate journey of life's transition.

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