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About Me

From a young age, I've been blessed with the extraordinary ability to see, hear, and feel the presence of spirits. My gifts posed challenges as I struggled to understand their purpose and felt like I didn't quite fit in for a majority of my life.

The past 20 years  I have emersed myself working in  Palliative and Hospice Care. It was a true passion of mine.

The joy of watching a patient speaking to their deceased loves one right before passing is so comforting to the family, knowing that they are not alone when they cross over. The peace that brings is overwhelming at times.

I  have witnessed how each journey  is diffrent and unique, the only constant in crossing over, is that no soul is ever alone when they transition, there is always another soul there to great them as well as so much love, which is extremely soothing.

To be able to support someone as they are going through their most challenging time of loosing a loves one is something I never took for granted, and felt so honored to be there to laugh, cry and go through all the emotions  while making them feel safe enough to do so.

Eventually, I had a profound realization that my unique gifts were meant to serve a greater purpose. Fully committing to my spiritual path, I embraced the opportunity to share messages of love and light, helping people realize that their departed loved ones are still with them in a different way. I am so honored to be able to share my gifts and have so much compassion for anyone going through wanting to connect to their loves one's.

The unbreakable bond between souls is profound and never really goes away.  I feel deeply grateful to be able to facilitate connections between this world and the spirit realm.  I facilitate  comfort and healing to those seeking solace.

 among all living beings.

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